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Sheryl and Brent are no strangers to the home-building process. Over the years they’ve clocked up three new builds plus 16 major renovations. Having previously used Landmark Homes to build their Auckland property, they had no hesitation in choosing them again for their 'dream home' in the stunning Whitianga Waterways.

Location, location, location

For Sheryl and Brent, the decision to settle in the Whitianga Waterways was more than just a change of scenery; it was about embracing a lifestyle they loved. Over the years, the couple have lived within the city, on a farm in the countryside, and next to the ocean. And they loved all of them. But now it was time for something different.

"We've always been drawn to the water," says Sheryl. "And with our love for fishing and being out on our boat, the Whitianga Waterways just felt like the right place for us."

Despite this, Sheryl initially had some hesitations about the location. “I wasn’t too sure about living by the canals,” she admits. “But in fact, it’s a lovely lifestyle. "The peaceful atmosphere here, the variety of birdlife, and the relaxed pace of life have been incredibly refreshing."

Planned to perfection

The Coromandel Ready to Build plan was a almost perfect match for Sheryl and Brent’s vision for their Whitianga Waterways home.

Seeing the plan brought to life in the Showhome was a pivotal moment for them. "When we walked through the Showhome, we could immediately see how well it would fit our long, narrow section.  Although we slightly changed the orientation, the Showhome really showcased how the space could be maximised, just as we needed," says Sheryl.

The plan not only addressed the physical constraints of their property but also resonated with their desire for a home that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing, seamlessly blending with the natural beauty of their surroundings.

While Landmark's plans are known for their adaptability, the couple had little to change. "It's rare to find a plan that meets your needs so closely. We made a few additions, but when we saw the Coromandel house plan, this captured the essence of just what we were looking for.”

An additional garage serves as a versatile space beyond vehicle storage. The inclusion of a pool added a private waterside oasis, and a boat jetty, a crucial element for these boating enthusiasts, offers direct access to the waterways.

Bringing the outdoors in

Inside, the home harmonises with its natural surroundings with the use of stone in the interior feature wall and fireplace, paired with natural timber flooring. A neutral colour scheme allows the vibrant outdoor landscape to shine through, with the home acting as a canvas for nature's palette.

Nautical-themed copper artworks and the copper-blue front door add personal touches that resonate with Sheryl and Brent's affinity for the sea.

The layout, particularly the outdoor areas, is a testament to their love for entertaining and enjoying life's simple pleasures. The pavilion design allows for multiple outdoor living spaces, ensuring there's always a perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the weather or time of day – from a morning coffee watching the boats cruise by to entertaining guests alongside the warmth of the outdoor fire.

Indoor - Outdoor flow

Landmark Homes Coromandel and Hauraki franchisee Will Quigley says the team aims to create spaces that make the most of the unique location. “The Coromandel design is not only beautiful but also functional for various seasons and weather conditions. And when you live by the water, that’s a big bonus.”

Their favourite part of the home is unanimously the kitchen. It's more than a culinary space; it's a hub of activity and togetherness. "Standing at the kitchen bench is my favourite spot," Sheryl says. It's where they plan their day, share meals, and enjoy the panoramic views, truly making it the heart of their home.

Challenges and triumphs

Building a dream home is often a journey filled with unexpected challenges, and for Sheryl and Brent , it was no different. The global COVID-19 pandemic presented a unique set of obstacles during their building process. "We built at probably the worst time because of COVID and the ongoing delays and economic impacts that resulted from that," Sheryl says.

Despite these hurdles, Sheryl says she couldn’t fault how the Landmark Homes team managed the project. "They really shone through with their professionalism and calm approach,” she says. “They did everything within their power to keep the project moving forward under unprecedented circumstances.”

“Nailed it”

As Sheryl and Brent settle into their new home, the couple feel a deep sense of fulfilment. "After many builds over the years, this time it feels like we’ve nailed it. All we planned has come to fruition," Sheryl says.

Their build with Landmark Homes has not only given them a space that they cherish but has also reinforced their belief in the power of a well-executed vision and the importance of choosing the right partners to bring it to life.

“We’d have no hesitation in recommending Landmark Homes to anyone considering a new build,” she says. “The team are fantastic to work with and the results speak for themselves.”

If you’re thinking about building your dream home, contact the Landmark Homes Coromandel and Hauraki team today.

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