We offer fair and transparent pricing

Pricing and Finance

Once your Prelim Plans have been fully revised and reviewed by you, we all know exactly where we are at in terms of the project scope.

At this stage, the plans will be priced, and a final quote will be presented to you. Your New Home Consultant may ask you to finalise some of your selections at this point e.g. plumbing fixtures and fittings positioning, as these must be considered when the floor is to be poured.

Once you’ve agreed to the price presented, the Contract documentation will be prepared and signed, construction of your dream home will begin!

Once the Contract documents are signed, you can have confidence your home will be delivered to your required level of investment. However, if you do make changes, our experienced team can manage Variations with ease and will cost them accurately so there are no surprises.

Making your finance work

Our finance partners can help you to manage your finances while your house is being built. We can help you:

  • Avoid paying two mortgages during the construction of your new home
  • Organise a mortgage with as little as 5% deposit
  • Organise all the progress payments during the build

+ Sort your finance


Utilising one of our pre-designed house plans, cuts time out of your build timeline as each plan is already priced. When you select one to build “as is”, you’ll know exactly how much it’s going to cost.

The only variance in cost will be when you decide to make changes.


Whether it’s your first build or your fifth, the Landmark Homes team are on hand to guide you throughout the entire building process – we manage budgets, consents, contracts, and scheduling and keep you up to speed while making everything easy and as stressless as possible.

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