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Invest in a landmark showhome

Looking for a low-risk, high-reward investment? A new home? Both? Investing in a Landmark Homes Showhome or Spec build could be perfect for you.

Built to a high spec for great value…

We build our Showhomes to showcase what’s possible for our clients. That means a Showhome is designed to impress and is built to the highest quality. For the investment, you finance the build costs, and we lease the property back from you at a commercial lease rate.

When you invest in a Landmark Showhome, you’ll have a guaranteed tenant. Landmark Homes will lease your home for at least a year. We’ll take care of all the gardening and outdoor work, including landscaping and maintenance.

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Showhomes are built on some of the most highly desirable sites in New Zealand. Potential clients fall in love with the property on first sight. You’ll save on selling costs and avoid real estate fees by having our team promote your investment for future sales.

Our suppliers want to showcase their premium range of products in our Showhomes, so you will be getting superior products and upgrades at exclusive prices.

Take advantage of these great benefits

High spec’d home

Our supplier connections allow us to obtain investment credits and superior products (with free product upgrades) at exclusive prices - ensuring a future-proofed and high spec'd home.

Low sales fees

Sales fees are low, and it is common for us to sell the home on your behalf without incurring real estate agency fees.

higher share of funding

Our long-standing relationships with bankers and financiers can secure a higher share of funding for the investment than an independent builders offering.

high quality

From designers to excavators, we select only the top contractors to build our homes, ensuring a high quality home.

low maintenance

We are a reliable and trustworthy tenant who will dutifully care for your home, making it a low-maintenance investment.

desirable site & price

Our connections with development partners allows us to obtain highly-desirable sites at attractive pricing or terms.

Investing in a Landmark Homes Showhome or Spec Build could be perfect for you.

We’re proud to offer you the opportunity to buy one of our stunning homes. Fill out the form to request an Investor's Pack.

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