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This split-level design is developed to make the most of sloping sites.

The living spaces are on the highest level to get the best views and sun, while the master bedroom is privately tucked away for peace and quiet. The Clutha is designed to maximise the floor space available, while at the same time, separating the living and sleeping areas.


Dimensions 11.5m x 15.3m
Lower Floor Area 73.5m²
Upper Floor Area 73.0m²
Garage 37.5m²
Total Floor Area 184.0m²
Porches 14.0m²
Total Area 198.0m²
Special Features
  • Three split levels for a sloping site
  • Upstairs open plan living
  • Curved balcony upstairs
  • Private master bedroom on separate level
  • Designed for sun and views
  • Monoplane roof design
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One plan, many styles...

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