We are award-winning master builders with over 13 years of experience.

Based in Gisborne, our licensed master builders can build your new home, whether you’re based in Gisborne township or the surrounding areas. Our team are experts in building beach homes, lifestyle properties, and architectural house designs that capture Gisborne’s gasp-worthy views just right.

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“I love creating dreams. I love building homes for people; I get a real buzz out of it.”


Thinking of building a new home in Gisborne? You’ve come to the right place.

Our team has a proud reputation for pulling off even the most technical designs. From contemporary beachside homes to countryside villas, we have an impressive collection of homes under our belt—and the skills and resources to turn your dream into reality. Many of Landmark Homes’ Gisborne clients have unique sites on hills or beachfronts, making Design and Build one of the most popular options. Tell us about your dream and we’ll start making the plan!

Custom Design & Build

Got a house design in mind? Or need some inspiration? Our Design and Build team can help you create your entire dream home from scratch.

Ready to Build Designs

Our award-winning designs are a great starting point for any new build. Choose from a fantastic range of plans or customise a design to suit you, your budget, and your site. See our most popular plans below.

Remove or Demolish and Rebuild

Want to keep your own site but build new? We’ll remove the existing dwelling and build your dream home on the same site.

House & Land Packages

We match sections with a house design that takes advantage of what the site has to offer. See our current House & Land Packages below.

Feasibility Assessment

Do you already have a site that you’d like to develop? We’ll help you discover the potential of your site and your options for development. We offer a free site evaluation report to see if your site is suitable for developing, building, or subdividing.
Why choose Landmark Homes
Gisborne for your next building project?
Nobody in Gisborne can build a house like we can, and we have the awards to prove it! Founder Sam Bain has been building homes in the area for more than 13 years. He says there’s no better experience for a Landmark franchisee than being “on the tools” because he knows what it takes to build something amazing. The team includes Sam and a handpicked staff of exceptional builders, which means quality is paramount. We’re proud of every house we’ve built and cannot wait to hear about your dream.

Award Winning

Landmark Gisborne have a proud reputation for creating even the most technical homes and the awards to prove it. A House of the Year National winner in 2017, regional supreme winner in 2018, and multiple Gold Reserve, Gold and awards for Craftsmanship.


There’s no better experience for a Landmark franchisee than being ‘on the tools’. “It’s a huge advantage, knowing how houses go together. You understand what you actually need to build something amazing.”

Attention to Detail

Skilled in his craftsmanship, Sam's attention to detail is second to none, when it comes to finding out exactly what the client wants and making their vision work for their site.

Read client stories and testimonials, see photos of houses we have built, and get instant access to our latest news.

Our People in


Building is Sam’s life. As well as leading Landmark Homes Gisborne, Sam has been managing his own building company Bain Construction Ltd since 2007.

Bain Construction Ltd won a Category in the Registered Master Builders National Awards in 2017; and the East Coast Registered Master Builders 2018 Supreme Renovation of the Year. They also took gold and a category win for Master Build 10-Year Guarantee Renovation up to $500,000 as well as the Craftsmanship Award and Plumbing World Bathroom Excellence Award. Winners of multiple Gold Reserve, and Gold awards over the years, Sam says, "Attention to detail in every Landmark build is imperative,” Sam says.

His staff are skilled in their craftsmanship, particularly when it comes to finding out exactly what the client wants and making their vision work for their site. Looking for a master builder in Gisborne? Call Landmark Homes Gisborne and talk to Sam’s team today!

Sam Bain


027 498 8388

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Sam Bain's favourite thing is a framed picture from a hunting trip down in the South Island. Why? 'It was an amazing trip,' says Sam, 'with beautiful scenery and it was a challenging hunt.' Any good hunter will tell you, you have to enjoy your own company, solitude, peace and quiet and have the gift of patience. Sam has all those qualities, which isn't to say he doesn't also love to spend time with his two boys and his wife Sana. In fact, they're the thing he is most proud of. And his dream house, of course, 'is the house I eventually build for myself and my family.' Quality of life is often about the simple things, and they are the things Sam has mastered. A roast dinner. A flat white with sugar. The newspaper. This builder to a core knows where it’s at. But the dream holiday? 'A trip through Alaska,' Sam says, and it isn't hard to see that’s absolutely where Sam would be in his element.

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We match local sections with an architecturally-designed house design that takes advantage of what the site has to offer.

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