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"We are passionate about getting the job done right, and passionate about providing incredible service - from the beginning to the end."

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Auckland – South East (Franklin to Whitford)

Colleen and Michael Walters are our new Auckland South and Franklin franchisees. With their combined expertise in construction and customer service, they will bring a new level of know-how to Auckland South and Franklin.
Having previously owned their own plumbing and roofing company in Whangaparaoa, Colleen and Michael know the building industry inside out. They have each worked in major New Zealand companies within the building materials industry and have even built several of their own homes.
The Walters are passionate about getting the job done right

Colleen’s career began in the hectic world of event and conference management. More recently, she spent several years in managerial roles with another group home builder. A plumber and roofer by trade, Michael’s background includes senior management roles with New Zealand Steel and Monier. Looking for a builder in South Auckland or Franklin? Call Landmark Homes Auckland South and Franklin today!

Colleen Walters


0800 628 859

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“Get the job done,” might be a fitting mantra for Colleen, General Manager of Landmark’s Auckland South & Franklin branch. Not in a mercenary way though — it’s a big part of her character to follow through with what she has promised. That also might be why she’d make a great Event Manager if she wasn’t helping people build their new home. She’s not only super organised, she has a vision for how to pull things together well. When it comes to people’s dreams, that makes for a potent partnership. If you’re passionate about your vision and want the vision executed perfectly, Colleen is the type of person who will help you make that happen. Outside the office, life is about family and friends, travel (she loves anywhere hot and has a preference for Europe drawing inspiration from the Architectural history), and being out on the water as a family to find that perfect fishing spot. Most of all she is proud of the bond she shares with her family: “We are always there for each other, our kids are our everything.

Michael Walters

Franchisee/Construction Manager

021 374 004

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For Michael Walters, helping a client build their dream home is more than a job, it reflects his entire view of life. It says everything about Michael that if he wasn’t building homes he would be coaching — helping other people be the best they can be. People who know Michael will tell you he’s able to think outside the box, but it’s also more than that — it’s about a real heart for the community. When it comes to building homes, that all translates to helping people realise their dreams, no matter how way out they might seem. All Michael needs is a down-to-earth client who’s excited about their vision. Fancy building creating a rural retreat or bach on the beach? He’s already been there done that and would help you realise your goals too. Michael would be the first to tell you that life is best when it’s shared — in his case with wife and partner Colleen and two kids, Matthew, Brooklynn and dog (Storm). In fact, one of Michael’s most favourite things is the outdoors, precisely because “both my kids have done lots of hikes through scouts where we have shared great memories and help others kids in the community to experience this passion.”

Bonita Lim

New Home Consultant

021 296 6767

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A former designer and art director, Bonita brings to Landmark a honed ability to understand her client’s ideas and needs which is the first step in bringing their new home to life. “It’s nice taking the time to get to know people and building friendships as well as homes. I enjoy working with my clients to bring their ideas together into a well-designed home that they will love living in”. Growing up in a rural setting and spending long hot summers at the beach means Bonita has a love of nature and is inspired by country living and the ocean. Although she enjoys travelling to exotic places, Bonita is a self-confessed home body and enjoys gardening, reading or working on a creative DIY project like up-cycling antique furniture. Bonita is also a keen foodie, so when making time to catch up with friends and family or entertaining at home those gatherings usually involve amazing food paired with great wine! Her dream client is someone who knows what they want. With a consultant like Bonita, you can trust that you will end up with a home that is all that you imagined. All it takes is a dream; her partnership with you takes care of the rest.

Tracey Wilcock

New Home Consultant

021 0823 6101

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When new home consultant Tracey Wilcock says she’s already living her dream career, it’s pretty extraordinary when you consider she was piloting an Airbus out of Hong Kong for 22 years before returning to NZ and joining Landmark. When Covid hit, Tracey retired from aviation and landed on her feet — quite literally — in her dream job, helping people build their own dream home. She says that getting to see what they have imagined becoming a reality, is what it’s all about. Tracey’s own dream house is no surprise, for someone so used to making sure everyone around her is enjoying the ride - it’s all about functionality, she says, a home that caters for her family, with separate spaces for her two teenage boys, an entire wing (just one, unlike the Airbus) for herself, and a wonderfully expansive outdoor area with a pool, beautiful sea views and total privacy. And knowing Tracey, that’s no pie in the sky dream.

Rachelle Allen

New Home Consultant

021 0273 0084

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Rachelle Allen's favourite pastime sounds a lot like a Bruce Springsteen record. You know the one: "I got a '69 Chevy with a 396 ..." (Racing In the Street). Like Bruce, Rachelle likes nothing better than cruising in her 56 Chevy, listening to music and taking in NZ's beautiful scenery. But life's not all about leisure for Rachelle. In fact, when it comes to being a New Home Consultant for Landmark, you could say she's a bit of a boss. Rachelle's dream client is one who knows where to start on their plan—because that's where she comes in. Her own dream house is something she designed so she knows what she's talking about. After 10 years as a New Home Consultant, Rachelle's record speaks for itself. If you are looking for a consultant who is easy going, enthusiastic with long standing industry knowledge then Rachelle definitely ticks all the boxes.

Thinking of building your new home in Auckland South or Franklin? You’ve come to the right place!

The team knows the area like it’s our own backyard. We’re experts in building beautiful new homes, and we’ve got the industry skills and experience to turn your dream into a reality (without the stress you’re probably anticipating). Here’s how we can help.

Coastal Properties

Do you want a home away from home? We can design a holiday home to suit your site that will catch the sun and views. We will step you through the design and build process to make this easy.

Rural Lifestyle Living

We know rural, and we can create a house that lets you enjoy your property at its best. We can even create a home that’s partially or completely off the grid.

Ready to Build Designs

Our award-winning designs are a great starting point for any new build. Choose from a fantastic range of plans or customise a design to suit you. We’ve listed our most popular plans below

Custom Design and Build

Have you been dreaming up your ideal home for a while, with a packed Pinterest board to show for it? With our finely tuned process and expert team, we can interpret your dream into a design you love.

Remove or Demolish and Rebuild

Want to keep your own site but build new? We’ll remove the existing dwelling and build your dream home on the same site.

House and Land Packages

Choose the region you want to live in and we’ll do the rest! We match sections with a house design that takes advantage of what the site has to offer, whether that’s beautiful views, a sunny aspect, or something else.

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