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We are award winning master builders, with over 12 years’ experience in building contemporary new homes.

Based in Albany, our licenced master builders can build your new home whether you are based in Orewa, through to Devonport on the North Shore of Auckland. Our team are experts in building beach homes, lifestyle properties and architectural house designs.

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Auckland – North Shore & Rodney

With their combined experience in building, project management and human resources, North Shore Landmark Homes are one powerful team.

Paul started his career “on the tools” as a builder over 30 years ago, later running his own business as a project manager. Debbie’s background in recruitment and human resource management made joining the Landmark Homes franchise the perfect step up for them both. Together, their expertise in dealing with both clients and construction is at the forefront of Landmark Homes North Shore.

“Our main goal is in delivering our customers a great experience and a home that they’re really delighted with. We want the client to be over the moon with the result, and that we can sit on the deck and have a beer with them at the end.” Thinking about building on the North Shore? Give Landmark Homes North Shore a call today!

Debbie Brett


027 545 0018

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Happiness, keeping calm, carrying on when all around her is crazy ... that's Debbie Brett to a T, who is the first person you want around when there's a giant task to be done. Perhaps her dependability and calming influence come from the things that have meant the most to her throughout life, such as marriage and family, but also fantastic memories of holidays at the beach. 'As a kid growing up in Hawkes Bay, our family went to the beach or river most summer weekends. I guess it's in my DNA. I love to get outdoors in the fresh air.' That's also why her retirement dream is to spend a lot more time travelling and being able to take beach walks ... on weekdays! Speaking of travel, that's her dream alternative career too — travel agent. Travel and new adventures are what inspire Debbie the most … apart from Landmark clients who absolutely love their new home.

Paul Brett


027 493 8982

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Is there secretly something about the Dude in Paul Brett? Well, he hasn't laughed so hard since he first watched The Big Lebowski, so there's that. But the Dude is a bit of a loner, which Paul most certainly is not. 'One of my favourite things is hanging out with friends and chewing the fat,' he tells us. 'I'm energised in people's company.' So, not really the Dude then. However, there is something calming about Paul, despite the busy-ness of being a franchisee. He joined Landmark in 2008. In fact, when we asked Paul what he was doing 10 years ago he didn't really have to think about it. 'I was one year in with Landmark Homes and building a team to take us forward.' Team, people, friends ... that's what it's all about for Paul. Oh, and the villa in the South of France (as a dream holiday) — something the Dude never would have dreamt of.
  • “We would recommend Landmark to anyone who wishes to build a high-quality home, with a team of friendly professionals.”

    — Mike & Andree

  • “Thank you to the team at Landmark for our lovely home. It has been such an easy experience that were we to build again, Landmark would be our choice. The staff and everyone associated with the build has been knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with. We initially chose Landmark because of the quality of their homes and certainly haven't been disappointed. Thank you again!”

    — Grahame & Claudia Struthers

  • “After a reasonably rigorous selection process, we chose Landmark Homes to design and build our new home in Manly, Auckland. Their build quality is outstanding, and we have found them an easy company to deal with. Their people have been great, and as we move into our home we are happy to advise that we would go back to Landmark [Build North Auckland] if we were looking to build again.”

    — Paul & Glenis Robinson

  • “All up, a very exciting process that could not have gone any better so far. Safe to say that we are very impressed by Landmark and its people!”

    — Marcel & Astrid

Seamus O'Brien

New Home Consultant

021 723 939

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Seamus O’Brien might not yet know his way around Auckland, but he certainly knows his way around great design and amazing engineering — particularly when it comes to new homes. Having recently shifted across the ditch from Melbourne, Seamus says he’s the one Landmark New Home Consultant most likely to get lost. But ask him about his dream home, and just watch him go! “My dream house takes cues from mid-century modern design,” Seamus says. “Clean lines and expansive windows and glass, lots of natural light, open spaces, storage and a house that relates — and one that functions in sync with its landscape.” Seamus knows a thing or two about the importance of a good client relationship as well. Building a new home is a big process, he says, with many moving parts. “It’s a big commitment for clients, not only in money but in time and emotion. The more openly we communicate the better I can understand the dream and what is important to that client.”

Jarrod Angove

New Home Consultant since 2013

027 706 7619

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If there's any truth to the truism 'Big is beautiful', it's embodied by Jarrod Angove. Jarrod is BIG. Not just tall, but big. Big shoulders. Big heart. Big family (seven kids, crikey). And a big vision. 'When I retire I plan to keep giving back to things that are BIGGER than me,' Jarrod says, with his customary big smile. And you believe him. Because if there's one thing anyone who works with Jarrod knows, he's big on integrity, authenticity, honesty. His dream home is one big enough to house his family, and one that can also entertain their friends. Which means it has to be huge. Because, as Jarrod says, 'My dream client is a better friend once we've finished building their home.'

Wendy King

Senior Designer since 2014

09 478 9924

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Ask Wendy King any kind of question, and the answer will probably come back around to design. Or cats. But mainly design. Sometimes her fiance Steve. But nearly always design. Her favourite TV? Watching amazing architecture from around the world. Her dream alternative career? Design! Interior design, specifically. And picking the colours that bring out the best in a person's home. 'I love being able to take a project from conception right through to picking the curtains and furniture.' Wendy says that's the 'icing on the cake', a phrase that sums up Wendy pretty well. Wendy's dream client is someone who has the budget to do exciting and adventurous architecture. She's guaranteed to make the absolute best of that budget too. Just listen to her dream home: 'Lots of natural rustic wood with harder finishes like polished concrete and steel ... Spaces that flow seamlessly from inside to out and lots of glass, but also an eco-house that is off grid.' Sounds awesome.

Thinking of building your new home in Rodney district or the North Shore? You’ve come to the right place!

Landmark Homes North Shore and Rodney are experts in building beautiful new homes. From luxurious beachside holiday homes to elegant country villas, we have an impressive collection of homes under our belt, and we have the skills and resources to turn your vision into a reality.

Custom Design and Build

Got a house design in mind? Or need some inspiration? Our design and build team can help you create your entire dream home from scratch!

Remove or Demolish and Rebuild

Want to keep your own site but build new? We’ll remove the existing dwelling and build your dream home on the same site.

Ready to Build designs

Our award-winning designs are a great starting point for any new build. Choose from a fantastic range of plans or customise a design to suit you. See our most popular plans below.

House and Land packages

We match sections with a house design that takes advantage of what the site has to offer. See our current House & Land packages below.

Feasibility Assessment

Do you already have a site that you’d like to develop? We’ll help you discover the potential of your site and your options for development. We offer a free site evaluation report to see if your site is suitable for developing, building or subdividing.

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We match local sections with an architecturally-designed house design that takes advantage of what the site has to offer.

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