Help Me Design

Designing your dream home is easier than you think.

Landmark Homes will take the stress out of designing the home you’ve always wanted.

We understand we’re designing your dream home, not ours. Our proven methodology and design philosophy establishes what’s important to you and how you live.

Whether you’re starting your design from scratch or customising one of our Ready to Build house plans, at Landmark Homes you’ll get a house that you love and that is unique to you.

9 easy steps to your dream home




4. Design Brief

One of Landmark’s specialties is in offering you a range of flexible options for building your home. You can choose between a customised Design & Build plan from scratch, a Ready to Build  house plan from our popular Plans Collection, or a buy now House & Land package in your area.

See more about each of these design solutions below.

Each approach can be tailored for aesthetics, space, land usage, the style of the home – and, of course, your budget. We work with you to ascertain the best option for building your unique home and scope the project to encapsulate all of your ideas, wants and needs into a clear design brief.

5. Design Underway

Our expert team of designers then kick off the building journey with the first concept plans. We work closely and collaboratively with you throughout this whole process and make any necessary revisions until you’re completely happy.

Once you’ve signed off the concept plans, we move onto creating what we call ‘Preliminary Plans’, made in partnership with a Quantity Surveyor (QS). Again, we’ll go through any necessary revisions until we get your approval.

6. Pricing & Contract

Naturally, throughout the process, it is our commitment to keep you updated on the costs of your build. However, this point in the process is key as it is the last step before committing to the construction phase. Once your Preliminary Plans are approved and all revisions are accounted for, then we all know exactly what we are all looking at in terms of project scope and cost.

At this stage, your New Home Consultant will finalise other things like pricing, finance expectations and construction timeline – from here, they will formalise a Building Contract for final signoff.

Once you’ve agreed to the final design and price, you can have confidence your home will be delivered to your required level of investment. If you do make changes, our experienced team can manage variations with ease and cost them accurately so there are no surprises at the end.

Our Design Solutions

Start your Design from Scratch

If you want a complete custom design from the foundations up, choose our Design and Build solution.
Working with one of our experienced designers will help to bring your dream for your new home to life.

+ Design & Build

Start with a Ready to Build plan

Our plan collection is often the perfect starting point – browse our meticulously designed plans and find one that suits your budget and style preferences.
Best of all, ALL of our plans can be fully customised. You can switch up to make them fit your needs – from adding a new room to changing the roof.

+ Browse our plan collection

Remove & Rebuild

Our Remove & Rebuild process is as simple as it sounds. We help you to remove your old home and build a new one in its place.
You get to keep your location, your neighbours and everything that’s familiar to you, AND you also get to live in a beautiful new home.

+ Remove & Rebuild

Buy a House & Land Package

If you’re keen to buy now, we also have House & Land packages available throughout the country.
Our designs are carefully matched to each section to provide you with a home that makes the most of the location.

+ See available packages

No matter which option you choose, our experienced team will manage the entire process from design to delivery, so you can sit back and relax while your dream home takes shape.

Crafted in Nature
Wrapped in the region’s famous schist stone, and accented with vertical cedar cladding, Landmark Homes Central Otago’s Andy Lawrence wanted to create a home that complemented its iconic surroundings and put those exceptional views of the valley front and centre.

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