Start Fresh!

We have a range of options that allow you to start fresh and create the home of your dreams.

We offer a range of services to make building your Landmark easy and enjoyable.

Our Design and Build option is perfect for creating exactly what you need and what you want. We advise collecting all inspiration for your design in scrapbooks and online, so when we come to work with you we can see exactly what you love. We take everything on board and use our design expertise to create your perfect home. We continue to work very closely with you throughout the whole process to ensure every detail is exact.

Our Remove and Rebuild option is great for many situations.

  • If there is a specific area you want to live in, there may be no available sections to build on or houses you love. Renovating may not be ideal for you either.

  • You may love your neighbourhood and want/need to stay in the same location.

  • Renovating can have many unexpected costs. Landmark confirms the entire cost to build, before the first length of timber is cut.

Landmark removes the existing house on a section and works with you to create the perfect home for your location. This means you can hold on to the land you love, while creating your dream home.

Both of these options allow you to take control of your Landmark Home and make it however you like. We help you to start fresh and build the home of your dreams.