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A three-level spacious apartment style home, the Ponui is a great solution for sites with a moderate to significant slope towards road access.

It can be built as a multi-unit in groups of two or more. The ground floor entry level can be ‘dug in’ allowing the mid-floor living area to open onto a ground level outdoor living area at the rear. Three spacious bedrooms on the top floor are accessed through a third living space. Cubic lines and natural materials contribute to a pleasing aesthetic.


Dimensions 17.2m x 7.8m
Lower Floor Area 65.1m²
Mid Floor Area 101.6m²
Upper Floor Area 110.2m²
Garage 38.9m²
Total Floor Area 315.8m²
Porches 22.0m²
Total Area 337.8m²
Special Features
  • Compact footprint
  • Excellent design for site with slope to the road
  • 2nd floor living can open to rear ground level
  • Spacious bedrooms
  • Three living spaces
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