Build in your Neighbourhood

Remove & Rebuild

So, you want to own a new home — but you don’t want the stress of a move.

Nor do you want to lose what you love about your neighbourhood.
Landmark Homes can help.
Our Remove & Rebuild process is as simple as it sounds. We help you to remove your old home and build a new one in its place. You get to keep your location and everything that’s familiar to you, but you also get to live in a beautiful new home.

Move into your preferred suburb

These days, the best suburbs in New Zealand cities are also the most established. That means that finding a site to build on is almost impossible.

Landmark Homes knows that renovating isn’t for everyone. However, we also know that you want to live in a suburb with all the right attributes:  north facing sun, great shopping, a strong community and your preferred school zoning.

That’s where we come in. We help customers find locations in established, desirable suburbs that suit their lifestyle. We do our best to find your desired home according to your exact specifications and street locality.

Keep the neighbourhood you love

Moving home can be stressful. Along with the move itself is the emotional strain of saying goodbye to your familiar surroundings, then having to adjust to a whole new neighbourhood.

Landmark can help to take the stress off a move. Sometimes it’s as simple as keeping the garden you’ve grown, or staying within a particular school zone.

We’ll also help to rebuild or renovate your home by installing powerpoints exactly where you’ll use them, fabulous water pressure with instant hot water and as much or as little home technology as you need.


The financially sound option

When you build with Landmark, you’ll always know what costs what. We’ll inform you of the final building cost before the first length of timber is even cut.

How do we do this?

We measure every component of a new home at the design stage. This strategy means we avoid any ‘unknowns’ that might appear if you’re  renovating.

That’s not all we do. We want to ensure that your new house brings maximum resale value when you decide to move on. In some cases, this can mean that a new home on your land could effectively cost you nothing.

How Landmark remove and rebuild your home

Desirable suburbs maximise the potential of a home, and a beautifully-designed home will fit right in.

No matter how unique your dream home is, we will help bring it to life.

The Landmark Homes Remove and Build process takes you from design to delivery in just five easy steps.

From the initial site assessment through to completion of your new home, you’re right alongside us.

We start with an assessment of what’s possible to build on the site. We then meet with you for a planning session.

We’ll discuss your ideas and what you want from the redevelopment. Once we’re both happy with the design brief, it’s time to remove and rebuild!

1. Project Evaluation

An initial site assessment helps us understand how best to use the site in question.

We’ll look at:

  • Whether it’s possible to relocate or remove buildings successfully and choose which option will work best
  • Permits associated with the site, such as Local Authority rules and regulations
  • Site restrictions or covenants, such as ‘existing use’
  • Any potential hazardous material that may pose a limitation for a remove and rebuild project

Once this initial assessment is complete, the real planning can begin.

2. Planning

This is one of the most enjoyable stages of the process. We begin by determining the best approach for the unique characteristics of the site. We listen to your ideas and plan how best to build your dream home on the chosen area. Our advice is led by your vision. We then use the information from our evaluation work to create a plan. 

Our Ready to Build designs can be adapted to suit your needs in every way possible. We’ll guide you through the entire site plan, including exactly where the new home is to be positioned and all the other important details such as driveways, paving and landscaping.

This unique process covers every aspect of the creative design brief,  including the overall project investment.

3. Design

Once we are both happy with the Design Brief, the design process begins.

The design is completed to Concept Plan stage including the floor plan, site plan, 3D images and a detailed cost estimation.

Once you approve the design plan, the consent plans are produced and the quote for a fixed price contract will be completed.

4. Build

Now for the building! This is where our teams take the established project plans and start to bring your vision to life. 

It’s up to you how much you want to be involved with the building process. You may want to simply relax off-site and wait for the phone call to pick up the keys to your new Landmark Home.

5. Contact us

Want to start planning your own Remove and Rebuild project? Call us today!

Our Landmark team love the unique challenges each site and Remove & Rebuild project presents.  Call now to find out how we can help you move closer to what you want.

Ready to Remove & Rebuild?