Andy Lawrence Landmark Homes Central Otago

Andy Lawrence of Landmark Homes Central Otago creates some of the most stunning homes in New Zealand.

Maritime globetrotter makes landfall with Landmark.  Andy Lawrence has seen a lot of places and met a lot of faces, from continent, to country; kind of like the wind…

After 18-years in the maritime world captaining some of the world’s largest super yachts, Andy has returned home to Wanaka, taking on the Central Otago Landmark Homes franchise in May 2017.

Since then, Andy has been using his skill set and expertise in managing superyachts and their construction and transferring them to the residential building sector.

While the idea of buying a company may sound daunting for many, in his previous role Andy was Owners Representative, Attorney-in-fact and Captain of the 82m yacht called Secret, and in charge of around $1 billion worth of assets, a $20million yearly operating budget and 30 staff.

His career at sea has provided him with an impressive ability to juggle a lot of scenarios at once.

“I wear a lot of hats; the owners of Secret saw me as a CEO of one of their companies and now as the owner of my own company I continue to manage many projects at the same time and in the same manner as when I was overseas.”

Experience in everything from managing staff and creating a team culture, to managing client expectations and dealing with crises in high-pressure scenarios has steered him in the direction of Landmark Homes and the new challenge, he says.

This experience includes a master’s degree in commercial motor and sailing yachts; business and law; navigation including celestial, seamanship and meteorology; construction and stability; firefighting and counter terrorism security measures and protocols.

“My qualification, which included search and rescue and work in high pressure environments, means that I am quick on my feet.

“I am also used to dealing with important and influential clients, meaning I am not afraid of multi-million dollar builds and large-scale projects.”

When the opportunity presented itself to purchase the Central Otago Landmark Homes franchise, Andy jumped straight in. It was a perfect chance for him to combine his passions for real estate and project management in his own business venture, he says.

“Having previously built a Landmark Home myself also helped.”

Going from client to owner gives Andy a unique approach to the business, and creative ideas and insights that others may not have. With Andy behind the wheel, Landmark Homes and the Central Otago branch has greatly benefited.

Despite being land-based, Andy’s love of the water is not lost. As a former rower, Andy and Landmark Homes Central Otago are supporting the Wanaka Rowing Club Academy – a cause that is close to his heart.

As a result, the Wanaka Rowing Club have purchased a new lightweight quad, naming it “Landmark Homes”, in honour of their biggest supporter.

A humble man who shies away from talking about himself and his achievements, Andy is generous with his praise to his team.

The best leaders are of this nature and that is what Landmark Homes Central Otago is all about.