What Makes Building with Landmark Homes Different?

Ready to build your dream home? Here’s what makes Landmark different from any other building company. #newhome #buildahouse #newhousenz

Building a home? Multiple contractors (architects, builders & everyone in between) can be messy & expensive – especially if they clash. We have the solution.

When your building your home with Landmark: You’re in control

So, you’ve reached a stage in life where you can actually think about building your dream home. Great! You’ve got the funds, and you’ve found a nice patch of land with a view of the sea. Most importantly, you’ve got a pretty good idea of how many bedrooms you want, how big your house will be and what colour kitchen you’d like.

Now what?

Well, you could start by talking to a new home consultant like Jarrod.

Jarrod Angove of Landmark Homes isn’t just a salesperson. He’s a builder by trade and he believes in creating his client’s visions. That’s what makes Landmark Homes unique.

Jarrod says that when setting out to build a new home, many people will instinctively head to an architect. This can mean paying a hefty fee to look at a set of plans, then having the architect draw something up from that.

With their plans in hand, the client then has to choose a builder. The builder provides a quote, the client hands over some money, and the project begins.

It all sounds quite straightforward. That is, until the builder and the architect clash.

Architect vs Builder:
When designing a home for a client, an architect will typically follow his or her own particular style and look. In some cases, they’re creating their own dream, not their client’s.

A builder, on the other hand, is the one tasked with creating a structure out of certain materials according to the architect’s plans – and also keeping it within a budget.

So, when one or the other tries to change the design, or dictate the cost and construction techniques, problems can arise. Suddenly, the builder needs more money to finish the garage. Or, the architect didn’t include the cost of carpets in the original plan.

When your dream is in the hands of two different people, you can end up with two different dreams and two different directions – and a result that’s not quite your dream after all.

And guess what? You, the prospective homeowner, are caught in the middle.

And let’s not forget that the architect will still get paid – whether the house is built or not.

Why Landmark Is Different
Like many of the Landmark team, New Home Consultant Jarrod Angove is a builder by trade. He says that this kind of industry experience is vital for seeing eye-to-eye with a client. It’s also one of the many things that set Landmark apart from other building companies.

Budgeting, scheduling and making the ‘dream’ come together are essential to the building of a home, Jarrod explains. With Landmark, the client’s vision is paramount from start to finish. They charge a design fee and then provide a fixed price on the finished product.

As a new home consultant, Jarrod is the bridge between the competing visions of independent contractors. By collaborating within their team of builders and designers, Landmark come up with a full design specification right down to the door stops.

“Come to us with a site and a dream, and we’ll provide the price,” says Jarrod. “That’s the beauty of a bespoke home build.”

“I’m not selling the home; I’m seeing the dream. I’m not standing in a premade home saying, ‘would you like one like this?’ My job is to find out what land they have to build on, what they hope to achieve and what budget they have.”

Project management done well…

Building a home with multiple contractors can get messy, confusing and expensive. When going through a separate architect and builder, a client often won’t know the true cost of their home until the very end. Materials can change in price, designs can change, or there can be ‘hidden’ costs that weren’t apparent in the original spec sheet.

On top of that, some companies may offer a reduced price by using cheaper materials.

But with Landmark, the hard work of collaborating with different tradesmen is all done for you. They’re a team that works together. From the beginning, each Landmark client is assigned a project manager who keeps them updated on every step. This means you’ll be kept in the picture throughout the entire build.

As Master builders, Landmark also sticks by their policy of ‘best trade practice’. This means they only use high-quality materials for every house they build. And if the price of certain materials (such as timber) suddenly goes up during the build, then that’s something Landmark absorbs, not the client.

Essentially, the client gets to watch their dream unfold while Jarrod and the team sort out the rest.

Inspiring, Not Driving

Some of Jarrod’s clients come with a very specific vision of their dream home. Others have a vague idea but need a little help putting it together. That’s where the Landmark team provides ‘inspiration’ rather than a premade-plan.

“We walk them through the journey. We’ll take them through a home we’ve done already and talk about how to make it right for them. We’ll tell them where they could save money on things they don’t actually need,” he says.

Every client is given the freedom to make their own decisions. And that’s probably why Landmark has never built the same home twice.
It’s no surprise that by the time a house is built, many of Jarrod’s clients are no longer clients but friends.

“We aim to engage with the homeowners. I tell them, I want to be better mates with you at the end of the project than at the start. I want to be invited to the housewarming!” he says.

Landmark may indeed be a premium brand – but that doesn’t mean they’re unaffordable.

“We provide certainty. You get the certainty of knowing your house will be built at the price we agreed on.”

And at the end of the day, his client has their dream home… just how they wanted it.

If you’re looking to build your next home – without frustration and uncertainty –maybe it’s time to make your next home a Landmark. Visit one of our show homes or get in touch with one of our team for more information and design inspiration.

Alternatively, you can order your free copy of our latest Landmark Book.