The tranquil retreat that was a dream to build…

Paul and Val Davis harboured a dream to build their ideal home to retire to despite a disastrous build experience 15 years prior. After they found the perfect plot in the Coatesville countryside to build on, armed with a wealth of experience in what they didn’t want from a building company, they then set about finding the right builders for the job…

Coatsville House

Ultimately, the decision to go with Landmark Homes for a custom Design and Build was an easy one.

“We’d done our homework and understood that Landmark Homes was the top of the pile when it came to good builders,” says Val. But it was meeting the new homes consultant Jarrod Angove that sealed the deal, with his professionalism and building background really impressing them from the get-go.

“We’d initially wanted to get at least three companies on site to weigh up our options,” remembers Paul. “But once we met Jarrod, that was it! He was so onto it, and his advice for the property and plot was not that of a salesperson, but a builder. That gave us massive confidence.”

This positive experience continued right through every phase of the build process – much to their surprise and delight! And despite anticipating a lot of stress (thanks to their first build years earlier) they found the whole journey “smooth, stress-free and easy.”

From Wendy King the designer who sat down with the couple for four hours after they met with Jarrod, listened carefully, and came back with initial designs that “hit the nail on the head. We didn’t change a thing.”

Right through to Norm the project manager, who ran their build and sorted out “all the hiccups you naturally get” without batting an eyelid, no matter how big or small the problem was. (A late-in-the-game exterior colour change and kitchen tweak springs to mind.) “There are so many pieces that go into building a dream house, and it made me realise how GOOD Norm is at his job!” laughs Val.

Coatsville House

It’s not that the build and design itself were straightforward either. Being an area of natural beauty there were a lot of restrictions and covenants that impacted the size and style of the house, which the couple did not know about when they initially bought the block – but those were taken in their stride and worked around by the team.

Coatsville House

“It sounds as though we’re being quite over the top with our praise,” Val insists, “but we’re actually quite critical. It’s just that it is refreshing to meet a company who didn’t just live up to our expectations but exceeded them in every way.”

How did the build turn out?

Nestled on four acres of land with a stream running through it and 150 year old regenerating bush and a grass hill, this house blends beautifully into its environment, by intention: “We wanted a home that would sit on the land and feel like it belonged there.”

It’s easy to live in and maintain, tranquil, and peaceful.

The home boasts indoor/outdoor living, with the most amazing wood burner which looks semi-industrial and really suits the style of the spacious family room.

Coatsville House

Val particularly loves the kitchen and the bathrooms. “For days after moving in I walked from bathroom to bathroom enjoying them all!” she laughs. “We just love it here. It’s not flashy, it’s not making a statement, it’s simply a really comfortable and high-quality family home.”

Their favourite aspect of their new home? The covered deck. “This summer most of our days have been spent enjoying sitting on the deck, looking at the view and listening to the birds, with a glass of wine and a bird book in hand. We’ve had friends over, enjoyed lots of love and laughter, and made memories already…even though we’ve only lived here a few months!”

Paul and Val

With Wendy’s help the Davis’s also tried to plan for the future with the design, with guest bedroom and ensuite for visiting family or the option for Air BNB in the future.

How one of the most important aspects of the build for the Davis’s was price certainty…

“We’ve seen a lot of builds with individual architects where they get carried away with design – and budget can run away really easily. That was a very important consideration for us. With an architect and individual builder combination, we were warned by friends who had built before to allow up to 50% more budget than we planned for, and we didn’t want that to happen. We knew what we wanted, and we wanted to KNOW what the price was to achieve that. We felt comfortable Landmark would deliver on that.”

And they did! Once all the budgeting and design groundwork was done “the budget landed in Landmark’s estimates, and where we expected it to, which we were very happy with.”

In short? They went to Landmark Homes for “the high-spec, building excellence and service, with some price certainty.” And that’s exactly what they got.

So, would they recommend it to other people? “Yes!” they both smiled. “We already have! I mean…if you can get all that…why would you not at least consider meeting with the team? You might be as surprised and delighted as we were.