The Benefits Of Design and Build

You’re itching to build your dream home. You might even have a pretty good idea of how it would look.

There’s just one problem: you keep hearing horror stories about building! Unfinished projects, inflated costs, completion dates that never seem to arrive…

Sadly, many of these horror stories are true. But they shouldn’t be.

In fact, building your dream home should be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. That’s what Landmark Homes aims for.

No matter how unique that dream might be, Landmark Homes can build it. Even if you’ve never designed a home before – or your ideas are a little vague – we can help.

Here’s how.

What is Design and Build?

Not so long ago, the only option for custom-building your own home was to seek out all the different people involved in the process: the architect, the building company, the money-lender, the electrician, the plumber…

Obviously, this took a lot of time and money. It was also long, complicated, and often fraught with risk. The builder might disagree with the design, or the plumber might not show up on time, or the Turkish rugs might not fit the office…

That’s why so many independent builds end up in disaster.

Landmark Homes have changed all that.

Landmark Homes’ Design and Build option is essentially a ‘one-stop shop’ for creating a home. The team design your home for you and then build it. Simple.

Landmark Homes Manawatu franchise owner Aaron Shirriffs has built a number of award-winning homes, so he’s something of an expert on the Design and Build process.

Aaron says that people who want to build their own home usually have a loose collection of ideas and desires that they’re eager to bring to life. And that’s exactly what the Landmark Homes team love.

“We specialise in providing the processes, knowledge and experience to facilitate that journey of turning their dream into a reality,” he says.

In most cases, a prospective homeowner will have looked through a number of designs but hasn’t found anything that ‘grabs’ them. It’s in this case that a Design and Build is a better fit for the client than choosing a Ready to Build house plan. Although Ready to Build plans can be adjusted in lots of ways, there’s nothing quite like a home built entirely to your wishes.

“Generally, people will tell us that nothing has suited their specific requirements. In other cases, they might have a very concise wishlist which then needs to be translated into a custom design from scratch.”

Rather than having to ‘tweak’ someone else’s vision into something that’s sort of what you had in mind, Design and Build means you’ll get your dream house exactly the way you want it.

But surely building your own home from scratch is reserved only for the rich and famous?

Aaron says that’s not the case at all. While many people automatically assume that Design and Build must be substantially more expensive than building a Ready to Build plan, the costs can be very reasonable.

For a start, Landmark Homes don’t even charge an additional fee for the planning stage.

“Outside of the early design stages, most of the processes and stages involved are fiscally identical. Any fluctuations in overall value generally only really appear from a variance in scale of design or level of specification/fit-out,” he says.

Another misconception is that Design and Build involves a lot more time and hassle than simply choosing a Ready to Build house plan. But, as Aaron explains, the extra time spent planning and designing your own home is worth it for creating something that’s perfect for you.

But couldn’t you still do that by hiring your own architect and an independent builder?

Yes, says Aaron – but you might not end up with the result you want.

“If you were to solely start with a standalone architect it can be expensive, both in the planning stages as well as the implementation,” he says. “Because Landmark Homes are involved in the whole process, our architect is always paying heed to potential construction efficiencies and methodologies further down the track.”

He adds that doing it yourself – with an independent builder – will mean you’re tasked with handling all the project management yourself. This can turn out to be a far bigger job than you imagine.

That’s not the only nightmare you might encounter. Without clearly-defined parameters, costs can quickly balloon out. You’d also have to keep on top of council requirements, scheduling, supplier quantifying and even health and safety requirements.

Unsurprisingly, that’s why many self-builds end up taking longer and costing more.

With Landmark Homes, each Design and Build project comes with a dedicated operational team who take care of everything. From the day you sit down to talk about your home to the day they hand you the keys, the team have it sorted.

Avoiding hidden costs is a big part of the Design and Build process. Aaron explains that Landmark Homes strive to avoid provisional allowances, which means their pricing from the outset is very clear and transparent. Any unexpected costs – such as can come up with Council consent or underground work – will be discussed upfront.

Landmark Homes also provide all the warranties and guarantees for their work. Even better, they sort out all Council engineering, facilitation and other red tape (which can be a huge headache!). They also take care of the site itself and oversee all aspects of Health and Safety as required by New Zealand law.

A forecasted timeframe for each stage of the building process is provided, and the team keep you up-to-date on each milestone. The whole project is based on a contract with a workflow system that maintains real-time oversight.

Essentially, building with Landmark Homes means you don’t have to be on-site watching out for every nail that’s hammered into every plank of wood. Nor do you have to keep an eye on every piece of paper, receipt, invoice and so on.

The only thing left for you to do is watch your dream come to life.

And that’s why Landmark Homes’ customer base keeps growing.

“We have a vast array of clients, from all walks of life, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed turning their hopes and dreams into a stunning new home,” says Aaron.

Do It Right: Design and Build

Building a home is a big deal. Taking shortcuts can end in heartbreak – or worse.

As passionate homebuilders, Landmark Homes go out of their way to get it right. That means no customer is ever treated with the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Aaron says the first step is to come in for a chat.

“Everybody’s needs and requirements are different, so we always encourage a customer to come in to talk with us about what they want. From that discussion, we can very easily help them see where to go with their new Landmark – whether it’s a Ready-To-Build plan or a full Design and Build process,” he says.

It really is that simple!

If you are looking to build your dream home, check out one of our showhomes in a location near you, or get in contact with your local Landmark franchisee.