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Why Choose Landmark?

Warwick and Julie Aldridge started Landmark Homes West/Central Auckland in 2013.  It was the perfect fit for Warwick, a builder for 22 years. He has now brought his building knowledge and expertise to the Landmark franchise, from helping with practical design ideas to overseeing operations on-site.  His team includes new home consultants  Paul Brock and Kail  Watson. 

"We are constantly talking to people who bought for less than half of what their property is now worth. It just makes sense to subdivide and build. We’ve never built for someone who says they wish they hadn’t done it.”   

Unlock the massive value in your home with subdivision

Want to build your dream home for free... and get money in your pocket? 

If you’re lucky enough to own a piece of land in New Zealand – you’re sitting on a valuable asset. So why not turn that asset into a gold mine?

Subdivision could unlock massive value in your home, allowing you to pay off your mortgage, build your dream home, or even build a home for your kids. Of course, this can be easier said than done, and many are put off by the long and complex process of dealing with Councils, contractors and financial advisors. 

But it is possible — it’s not just a pipe dream.


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Cash In On Your Backyard... 

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Don't build a house, build a landmark.

Want to learn more about subdividing with Landmark?


Download the Landmark Subdivision Book to read 5 successful subdivision stories in Auckland.  (We’re breaking down the exact costs and profits too!)

Why Subdivide with Us? The Landmark Difference...

For one of our clients, Marion, it was like winning the Lotto

“I found that Landmark Homes offered me far more options than other companies, especially with having a smaller piece of land to build on,” she says.  “The whole process was just fantastic. They were just a great crowd to work with. I would do it again if I had to.” 

Paul Brock

Kail Watson

Warwick Aldridge

Franchisee since 2013

New Home Consultant

New Home Consultant

We have the knowledge to subdivide and build on small or complex sites.

We know how to work with the Council to achieve both a high building standard and satisfy Council requirements. Even if your site is smaller than 400m2, or more complicated than the norm...don’t think it’s not possible. It was for several of the clients featured in this Subdivision Book, despite their challenging sites.  

Our funding models make subdivision an option for more people.

Here at Landmark Homes we know ways to get you to subdivide, even if you don’t have funding for a full build, or even for the subdivision itself. If your property can be subdivided, we can help unlock that value and get you all the benefits that subdivision brings thanks to our third-party lender and alternate funding options. See an example of this in the Subdivision Book.

Unlike some other companies we don’t take a cut of your profits.

When you complete a subdivision with Landmark, you’re only paying for our expertise, the process, and project management. If your subdivision adds $350K to the value of your home — every dollar of that is yours to keep. Think that should be standard? It’s not.

Why do we do it this way? Ultimately, as New Home Builders our #1 goal is to build your dream home – not dip into the “cream” of your smart investment.

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What's in the Book?

Download the Landmark Subdivision Book to check out five successful subdivision stories, (We’re breaking down the exact costs and profits too!)

•   A Tricky, Small Subdivision in Mount Albert
•   The super-profitable subdivision in Point Chev
•   The Cash Neutral build in Sunnyvale
•   A dream retirement home in Westmere
•   A Bespoke Build on a Flood-Prone North Shore Site