Seven Facts About Our Ready to Build Plans

Landmark’s Ready to Build plans make building simple. Just choose the plan you love and we do the rest!

This month, we wanted to share some key things that you may not know about our Ready to Build plans.

They are flexible

Whilst our plans have been meticulously designed, you can customise any existing plan to suit you and your family. Our designers love working with clients to fine-tune existing plans to meet their specific needs.

So, if the Ready to Build Plan you love doesn’t have a design feature that’s a must-have for you and your family, not a problem. Whether it’s adding, moving, or enlarging, our designers will work with you to make the changes that will make the design perfect for you.

They are already priced

Everyone seems to know someone with a story about a house building project that ended up costing 50 percent more than the original estimate. The fear of overrunning your budget can scare off many prospective home builders. One of the many advantages of our Ready to Build plans is that the fixed price contract you sign before building commences is just that, ‘fixed’. The only variation to agreed costs will be any changes you wish to make as building progresses.

We have a range of size options

Ready to Build floor plans range in size from under 170 m2 – the Encore series Accolade is a cosy 168.4 m2. At the other end of the scale are floor plans over 400 m2 – Coleridge is an opulent 402.1‍‍ m2,while the luxuriously proportioned Wanaka is 416.5 m2. In between, there is a large selection of three- four-and five-bedroom homes, either one storey or two.

We have a wide range of styles

Long gone are the days when new houses were built according to the style of that era, for example, the villa of the late 1800s, the bungalow – popular in the early 1900s, the English cottage of the mid 1900s or the distinctive art deco look of the 1920s and 30s. Today, when it comes to the look of your home, you can choose whatever style you like. Our Ready to Build plans come in a variety of styles including bungalow, timeless weatherboard, modern, ultra-modern, townhouse, Mediterranean, country, French character, and Central Otago pavilion.


Exteriors can include classic weatherboard,  cedar and plaster, board and batten and Stria cladding, combination brick and shiplap cladding.

We have plans to suit all types of sites

House sections are not all square and flat – they come in different shapes, with varying degrees of slope. Luckily, our plans also come in a variety of shapes. For example:

  • The Waiata design, at just 12.8 m wide, is perfect for a long, narrow section.
  • For sections that are wider than they are long, there’s Ovation or Abel Tasman – especially ideal for sites running east – west.
  • For smaller sites, there’s the compact Atlanta – only 14.2 m x 12.3 m, or the Denver (18.4 m x 8.4 m).
  • The Austin or the Papamoa are just two of the designs suitable for a corner site,
  • The Edgewater, split over three levels, is perfect for a significantly sloping site.

Another thing about city sections – they don’t all face the right way when it comes to the sun. The Cambridge design makes effective use of the sun and is ideal for smaller sites with northern access.

The Encore Series is a cost-effective option

This series of Ready to Build plans offers the same quality as other plans; you’ll enjoy the same personalised service and they still incorporate the same robust framing and construction methods that we are known for. They are an economical option because the simple, effective and functional floor plans, simpler rooflines, and cost-effective window options, ceiling heights and material choices help keep costs lower.

Our plan collection is online and simple to access

It’s easy to search through our Ready to Build Collection. You can sort by size (m2); or number of storeys, bedrooms, or bathrooms; or by design name. Just click on the image and you’ll get a description of the home as well as the floorplan, which you can download as a pdf. And if you find it difficult to visualise a home from a 2D floor plan, some of the designs have the option to take a video tour.

Please view our plans here.