Remove & Rebuild in NZ’s Housing Market

Thinking about buying a new home but don’t want to leave your neighbourhood?  Read these 5 great reasons to remove and rebuild.

Thinking about buying a new home but don’t want to leave your neighbourhood?  We often have clients tell us that they want a new home, but without the stress of a move. That’s why we created the Remove and Rebuild product, so you can live in the neighbourhood you love, while getting the house you deserve.

Here are 5 reasons why we think Remove and Rebuild is a great option in New Zealand’s current housing market.

1. Live in your preferred suburb

For many clients their preferred suburb is either the one where they already live or another similar established community.  Desirable suburbs have attributes such as the right school zoning, great shopping and a vibrant community.  Unfortunately, many of these suburbs do not have empty sections or housing developments that suit your needs.

Our remove and rebuild product gives you the option to stay in the neighbourhood you love, or find a suitable suburb and street locality that will provide the perfect location to build your dream home.

2. Add value to under-utilised sites

Many older homes have fantastic sized sections and lovely gardens, but unlike new builds, they don’t always sit in the right position for the sun and they don’t utilise the land as well as they could.

We help clients who own or are planning to buy a site, to remove or rebuild a house to better suit their parcel of land, to maximise sun, views and more.

Remove and Rebuild is also a great opportunity if you own a sub-dividable section, allowing you to fully utilise your site to maximise the number of dwellings and space.

3. Financially Sensible Option

Everyone has a story of their renovation nightmare, costs being blown out, dodgy wiring or old plumbing unearthed etc.  With a new Landmark Home every component is measured at the design stage and the total build cost is known before the first length of timber is cut.  This not only gives you financial peace of mind, but you can also be assured that you get maximum resale value for your investment.

In some cases, a new home on a sub-dividable section could effectively cost you nothing.

4. Designed for you

We know the latest construction and design trends and we are able to adapt any of our Ready to Build designs to match your style and requirements.

Whether you want a modern look or a more classic feel, the Remove and Rebuild option takes you from a blank canvas, to the home of your dreams.  Every detail, from how large the garage should be, through to kitchen features, can be customised for you.  We will help ensure that the number of bedrooms, bathroom and overall house size works for the site you’ve chosen.  You have complete freedom of choice!

5. Warm Modern Environment

A new home will have improved energy efficiency and a dry, warm living enviroment.  To complement this, you’ll have the latest appliances and technology to enhance your quality of life both indoors and out.

The minimal maintenance required after a new build will also take away the headaches and unknowns of repairs, so you can get on and enjoy your home in the way you want to live.

To find out more about our remove and rebuild option, visit our dedicated webpage here. You can also request a site assessment from your local Landmark Homes office.