Paint Colour Trends for 2019

Fashion changes every season – and so do paint colour trends. Fortunately, paint trends stay in vogue for a little longer than skinny jeans!

If you’re in the process of building or redecorating your home, it’s certainly worth knowing about what’s ‘in’ this season.

Michelle Aschoff from Resene Paints says that paint trends are updated every two years or so, which gives a new home builder plenty of time to choose a particular colour.

Like fashion trends, much of the influence for colour trends comes from overseas. For the past couple of years, the prime favourite has been the ‘cooler’ colours, particularly greys

In 2019, however, home designers are beginning to move away from those greys to the bolder tones. Top of the list are stark whites.

“With a Stark white you can change the whole look, whereas greys are more restricting,” says Michelle. “It gives people the freedom to get a bit creative and add some impact. It allows you to accessorise.”

Using stark whites opens up all sorts of possibilities for home décor. White walls give you the freedom to experiment with different looks all the time by accessorizing. It’s easy to change the whole mood of a room by adding bright, funky throws or cushions. Pot plants are a great way to add interest, and even different coloured appliances such as a bright red kettle can make a bold statement.

Stark whites are often combined with more neutral accent colours, such as coral. These work well with feature walls. Michelle says the demand for floral wallpaper in particular continues to come in thick and fast.

What’s trending for kitchens and bathrooms

When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, dark colours are taking the lead. Darker shades give a room more impact, particularly when raw metal are used for taps, handles and lighting. Michelle says that dark, sultry colours in the bathroom suggest high-end indulgence. When combined with whiteware, the effect can be quite dramatic. There’s also been a shift from blue into more greens. One of Resene’s most popular greens at the moment is an emerald tone called Atlas.

“A lot of people are afraid to use darker colours but a clean, bold look creates a whole different atmosphere. It makes for a point of difference.”

With more homes using sustainable materials such as wood flooring and polished concrete, dark tones are perfect for the kitchen and bathroom.

The mood is somewhat different in the bedroom, of course. Bedrooms are trending towards more feminine tones such as blushes and peachy colours. Michelle has enjoyed seeing husbands being talked into using blush and peaches for their master bedroom.

When investigating colours for your own home, Michelle’s advice to those is to start with your flooring and work your way up. Kind of like matching your shirt to your shoes.

She also encourages home builders to just have fun with their colours – she once had a client who used a total of 13 colours in her house.

“People shouldn’t be afraid to mix patterns up, or use different textures. It’s not about matching things up anymore. Just think about what you’d love to have in your house and go with that.”

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