Mixing Family Living and Business in Wanaka

When Amy and Dougal Allan built their sunshine-soaked modern home in Wanaka, they were looking to create a functional space to house their young family – with a secondary apartment integrated as an investment and rental opportunity. That’s exactly what they built, with the help of Landmark Homes Central Otago.

Allan Family Home

Multi-living is on the rise in New Zealand, and for good reason! Designs like the Allan’s offer fantastic opportunities for investment, and when rented out, they can provide an additional stream of income – almost literally on your doorstep!

Amy and Dougal Allan decided in 2018 that they were going to build a stunning three-bedroom home in Wanaka to house their young family, and to rent out the attached two-bedroom apartment on Airbnb to local holiday rentals.

While they had experience building a couple of times previously, they’d never built a multi-living property, nor had they built with Landmark Homes.

That being said, their initial decision to go with Landmark for the build was easy one, thanks to the “exceptional and knowledgeable” New Home Consultant, Rudi Deuninck . So, with contracts signed quickly, the couple dove straight into the design process.

Having built previously, Amy and Dougal had a pretty good idea of what they wanted from their home – but spent time perusing multi-living plans before drawing up a sketch of what they wanted. That sketch was very close to what the house ended up as – minus a few small details, such as the positioning of storage.

The best part? “Landmark was really helpful and came with their own ideas and insights. They knew the rules and regulations around multi-living, such as making sure the wall between the two apartments was a firewall,” says Amy.

Those were the things the couple didn’t know, and where the team lent their expertise to bring the Allan’s multi-living vision to life.

With the design finalised, it was time to build! With consents going through without a hitch, the build took about 10 months, and the couple moved in in last year.

Allan Kitchen

So how have they found the house?

Let’s just say that Amy Allan loves her finished Landmark – the feel, the look, and the functionality, it ticks every box. It’s spacious, modern, sunny and warm (even during crisp Wanaka winters).

With a striking and modern exterior, the main three-bedroom family home boasts a beautiful open-plan kitchen, living and living area – complete with wood-burning fire – and sweeping views of Lake Hawea and Mount Grandview. Plus, the couple included space for a study nook, too – keeping the space functional, without being sprawling.

To be able to operate the two-bedroom apartment next door as a separate unit, complete with full kitchen, bathroom and private access they had to pay a development fee to the Council – something Amy says to be mindful of when purchasing a section if you have multi-living in mind, as not all Covenants allow it.

“What was most important to us in building a multi-living home was privacy. We’ve got two small children, and we didn’t want the people in the apartment next door hearing anything from our space. So, the layout of the house was key in that sense.”

Did they achieve that? “Yes! It’s been great the entire time, we’ve had zero issues with noise. Seriously – our current tenants have a young baby, and we’ve not heard a peep,” laughs Amy.

Forte Plan

A savvy investment for the Allan family – and now a Ready to Build Plan for Landmark

Ultimately, the decision to build a multi-living home has been a big success: “It’s been fully-booked ever since we moved in, up to when COVID-19 hit. Since then we’ve rented it out long-term,” says Amy.

In fact, due to its success and functionality, the Allan’s modern multi-occupancy design has been turned into the ‘Forte Ready to Build Plan’. Like all our plans, the Forte can be adjusted to suit your needs and your site – but it is perfect if you want to earn additional income from your property.

As all councils have different by-laws and requirements for multi-occupancy dwellings, we always recommend you consult an experienced team such as Landmark Homes to discuss this. If you’re interested in multi-living for your new build project? We’re here to help.