Living Areas

Indoor and outdoor living areas are the entertainment hubs of your home. Planning every aspect from mood setting colours, to specific lighting features, will make your living areas pop.

Creating your perfect living area begins in the design process, before we even get building! It’s not just about the right paint colours or furniture. Considering the environment, and natural features like the positioning of the sun, will give these spaces that extra wow factor.

Playing with the length and width of a living room design, as well as window and door placement, can really make the most of this space. Using the surrounding environment, make your windows bigger or smaller to amplify the view.

Outdoor living needs the perfect patio or deck space, ready for summer nights with family and friends. Think about extra unique features that could bring your outdoor area to life, for example lighting, a pizza oven, outdoor bar, or fireplace.

Landmark wants to help you create a social space that you can be proud to share with loved ones. Have a look at some of our finished living areas for inspiration.