Landmark Homes Ready to Build Plans

Ready for a new home?  Would love to build but are unsure about the design? Landmark Homes ‘Ready to Build’ plans are the perfect option for you.

Are you ready for a new home?  Would you love to build but are unsure about design and layout? Then our Landmark Homes ‘Ready to Build’ plans are the perfect option for you.

At Landmark Homes we offer three main options for building a new home.  If you already have a layout in mind we have our ‘Design and Build’ option. There is the ‘Remove and Rebuild’ option if you want to use an already established section and/or stay in your neighbourhood.  Our third option ‘Ready to Build’ lets you choose a new house design from our successful, established plans that have been configured for a range of lifestyles and tastes.

Ready to Build plans are a great starting point for any new build.  At the design stage nothing is set in stone, which means you can make your chosen design work for you.  In fact we encourage you to change a few things here and there so you can put your own stamp on your new home.  From kitchen layout to the style of cladding, we want to make your house plan work for you and your family.

Some practical tips we suggest at this stage of planning:

  • Collect your ideas and dreams in a scrapbook.
  • Cut out several of your favourite Landmark plans.
  • Make changes to suit your family and lifestyle.
  • Mark where significant items of furniture will go.

A great benefit of Ready to Build plans is that they are already priced, so you know the level of financial commitment required from the outset.  The concept plan, quote, and site elevation are all free.  The only variation to the fixed price contract will be from changes you wish to make along the way.  Our Landmark Homes design team will keep you informed throughout the process to ensure costs are kept within your budget.

Another benefit of Ready to Build homes is that they are generally quicker to get underway because most of the design work is already done.  Once you have agreed on any design changes preliminary plans are drawn up.  This includes a site plan, floor plan and all elevations so you can see all aspects of your home.  Once the working drawings are approved by you we submit these to Council for appropriate consents, Building Contracts are prepared and signed and then building begins!

If this sounds like the perfect option for building your dream home then View Our Plans online or see a snapshot of what we have to offer in our free Landmark Homes book.  Our plan collection is not only extensive, but after 35 years our houses have stood the test of time for their appeal and liveability.

Don’t build a house, build a Landmark!