First Time Builders – FAQ’s

I have just purchased a piece of land – “What next?”,”What sustainable options do you offer?”, “Will you build my dream home on a budget?” – our top FAQ’s from first-time builders answered!

Will you build my dream home in my budget? 

Absolutely. We offer a Fixed Price Contract so there are no surprises. The only additional costs to this are items that you choose to change along the way. Plus, we factor Provisional Sums into the process for items yet-to-be defined, such as ground works. Your New Home Consultant & Construction Manager would discuss this with you after they’ve assessed your site.

To what extent can I customise the Ready to Build plans? Are there limitations/costs to making these changes?

Our Ready to Build plans offer great flexibility for home builders and are particularly helpful if you’re a first-timer. These architecturally inspired designs will stand the test of time and you can build them as is or use the floor plan as a thought starter and alter to suit i.e. add a room, move the living area/garage, extend the outdoor space etc. The only limitation is if you make too many changes, sometimes it is easier to start from scratch, and we can Design & Build you a house to fit your needs and budget.

What are the options if you are after a more bespoke design on a budget?

Our Design & Build service is perfect for a bespoke design and we can design to your budget – talk to your local Landmark Homes team for information about this.
I have just purchased a piece of land – what next?

Contact your local Landmark Homes office and have a New Home Consultant make an obligation free site visit (you can find a list of our offices HERE). This will assist with decisions around where to place the house to take full advantage of the sun, views, etc.
The land I have purchased has challenging, sloping terrain where I want to build – what are my options and costs associated with a challenging terrain?

We consider ourselves to be specialists in sloping sites. Geotech reports will almost always be required and often additional engineering. Your best option is to take advantage of our obligation free site visit – our New Home Consultants will provide advice and information specific to your section.
What kind of process can I expect with Landmark Homes?

We are here to guide you every step of the way – from our first site visit and foundations to the final finishing. The process varies from home to home (depending on the size of the build, the location, the design requirements etc.), which is why we equip every client with a copy of our Landmark Homeowner Guide.

This will give you a greater understanding of how your new build will typically progress, covering topics such as choosing your fittings, adding extra features, payments and final quality control. Our New Home Sales Consultants are well trained in these systems, as are our Construction team, and we have many processes to ensure that you achieve a superior build that you love.

How long does it take to build a new home?

We aim to complete your home to the best standard in the shortest time possible, however sometimes there are delays as a result of weather, unavailability of tradespeople, difficult sections and size of the house. That’s why it is our job to ensure you are informed and updated how the build is progressing every step of the way.

What type of building guarantee do you offer?

Landmark Homes is a member of the New Zealand Master Builders Association, and as part of your new home you will receive a Master Build 10-Year Guarantee.
I have booked a consultation with Landmark, what top three things should I prepare for our meeting?

  • Your scrapbook of design ideas – styles or home, floor plans etc.
  • If you like some of our Ready To Build plans, note down which ones.
  • Most importantly, knowledge of what your level of investment is likely to be.