Building Hope Progress

How many businesses does it take to build hope?

The Cure Kids Building Hope home has over 50 – and their generosity has been instrumental in bringing the home to life.

The Building Hope project was initiated by Landmark Homes North Shore/Rodney in March. The home will be auctioned off at the end of September, with all profits going to Cure Kids.

The project has now amassed the support of more than 50 suppliers from around the country who are all helping to put the Hobsonville home together. The growing list of contributors includes both local and national businesses that have helped out with materials, labour or both – at a significantly reduced cost. Many businesses have donated completely free of charge.

As any homeowner will know, a house is much more than wood and walls. There’s the cladding, bathroom tiles, landscaping wiring, lighting – not to mention the physical building process itself.

But thanks to the generous contributors – and a fairly good run of weather – the house is already starting to look more like a home. Most of the exterior is complete, with cladding and painting finished at the end of June. The driveway, paths and patios are all looking fantastic, and the landscaping is now underway.

The home’s interior lining and internal plastering has also been ticked off, including the painting and lighting. The kitchen cabinetry is installed, the timber flooring has been laid, and the bathrooms are looking super stylish in European ceramic tiles.

Building Hope Building indoor close up

With the rest of the interior expected to follow at the end of August, the elegant home is well underway for its auction on 27 September.

The building of the home has already drawn nationwide attention and will be a highlight of Cure Kids’ Red Nose month appeal.

To get an invite to the big day, join the auction event on Facebook. You’ll also get to see the final build progress milestones as the home gets closer to completion.