Building for Central Otago’s Unique Landscape

Thinking about building in Central Otago? Here’s how Landmark Central Otago can help.

With its spectacular snow-capped mountains, crystal clear rivers and lakes and range of outdoor activities it’s not hard to see why people want to call Central Otago home.

But the region’s cold winters and hot summers adds a challenge to building: the extreme temperatures have to be factored in to all aspects of a new build – from site location to material choices and even the form the building takes.

That’s where Landmark Homes Central Otago comes in, with a wealth of experience in creating homes which cater to the unique climate.

Owner Andy Lawrence says those extremes can cause problems for builders not familiar with the area, but Landmark Central Otago is well-versed on what it take to create a home that’s warm in winter and cool in summer.

“It’s about factoring in the expansion and shrinking of materials during the different temperature changes, and making sure you choose the right materials for the right uses. That’s how you build a home that works all year round.

“Losing time on-site in winter due to the conditions is something which comes with the location, but as experienced Central Otago builders we take this as part of the territory in building in such a unique climate.”

Andy built his own home with Landmark before taking over the business, and the experience on the other side means he’s developed excellent insight into all aspects of the building process.

“We have very experienced new home consultants, designers/architects, construction managers and trades. You can trust us to guide you on an enjoyable journey- it doesn’t have to be hard!.”

Andy says recent trends have seen a rise in demand for homes with a separate flat or semi-detached unit. As a result, Landmark Homes has several designs to incorporate the additional space.

“Insulated homes are also a focus.”

With material costs on the rise and a strong demand in people wanting to call Central Otago home, Andy says there’s no time like now to discover more about building with Landmark.

“Take the plunge, you will not regret it.”