Building an ‘Entertainer’s Dream’

Whether you’re catering for two, 20 or 120, entertaining at home can be a great way to unwind and recharge. If that’s how you love to live your life, it’s important to have a home that suits the kind of entertaining you like to do, ensuring it’s comfortable, not cramped or challenging

We spoke to consultant Kristy Portas from Landmark Homes Taupo, Rotorua and Whakatane to find out what it takes to make your home an ‘entertainer’s dream’.

Considered indoor-outdoor flow

Create opportunities to enjoy the outdoors – no matter the weather.

“In Taupo, the views are to the south, but there is also a prevailing south-west wind,” says Kristy. “This means getting creative with maintaining your comfort but capturing those views.”

Examples of this include the addition of large glass windows on the external living room walls so you have uninhibited views of the outside from a relaxed indoor area.

Porticos are a way to maximise outdoor space by keeping it covered and sheltered from the elements year-round. For the more budget conscious, extended soffits are a great alternative.

Space for socialising

A sense of spaciousness is important for any entertainer, to ensure guests don’t feel confined or crammed. A way to do this is to continue the indoor-outdoor flow, by creating one continuous space, bringing the outdoors in.

This can be achieved by sliding doors that over-slide the exterior cladding, opening up the entire glass area, with a level entry/exit. Suddenly there is no barrier between inside and out, and the entertaining space feels far bigger than it is.

Another way to achieve this effect, particularly for smaller floor plans, is high or raked ceilings. Moving up, not out, gives a room an airy, light feel, without expanding too far and leaving the room feeling sparse and uninviting.

Kitchen creations

For the culinary creator, new and exciting designs are happening in the kitchen space.

“Instead of hiding the food preparation areas away, we’ve had clients include a hob in an outward facing island, with an extractor fan in the ceiling above. This makes cooking for friends and family a social experience front and centre, and not hidden away,” says Kristy.

“Also, while indoor-outdoor flow between living areas is not a new concept, we have seen clients extend this to the kitchen, with bi-fold windows opening up to a bar beneath for food and drinks to be passed in and out of.”

Mood lighting

Ambience is important when creating a home that not only looks good, but feels good too.

“Instead of a barbecue, consider adding a pizza oven to a home as a way to bring ambient warmth – and also cook up delicious meals for a crowd,” says Kristy.

Soft, amber lighting in living spaces bring a sense of warmth, versus sterile white-blue tones, and this can also be extended through the traditionally more practical areas, such as bathrooms.

Consider the type of light source being used too, for example hanging lights in bedrooms and living areas add an elegant glow, while downward spots or set-in LEDs are perfect for kitchen spaces.

Utilising sky lights as a way to bring natural light through when possible is a nice touch and continues that connection to the outside world.

If you’re looking to maximise your space for entertaining or hosting family and friends, talk to your local Landmark Homes team and start your new home journey today.