To some, the bathroom is the relaxation centre of a home. A nice hot bath or shower helps you unwind and wash off the stresses of the day. Why not make this space even more special by adding some amazing features?

A trend that appears to be taking the bathroom world by storm is large feature windows. If your home is built in a scenic location near the sea or the mountains, adding a view to your bathroom will make it even more of a sanctuary. Having a large feature window will also add natural lighting to the room.

Another trend that has been popular in previous years is a freestanding bathtub. This beautiful statement feature is a functional addition to your bathroom design that will make the room more of a destination. These tubs are easy to clean and may encourage you to keep the rest of your bathroom in showhome condition!

Wet rooms are another great bathroom feature that is trending in new builds. Rather than a traditional shower, a wet room allows more physical space as well as opportunities for design. You can feature different materials for your wet room design such as stone, wood, and concrete. Wet rooms are also easy to keep clean and their extensive waterproofing helps decrease mould and mildew in the bathroom.

Adding all of these amazing features together makes for the perfect bathroom design. Many Landmark homes include these features and our customers absolutely love them!

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