A Home That Suits Your Lifestyle

Here’s how Landmark’s house and land packages can be tailored to suit your lifestyle. #newhome #buildahouse #newhousenz #houseplans #homedesigns

When choosing a home, it is important that it not only looks fabulous, but that it is also super functional. If you work from home, plan to have parents living with you in their old age, or have a teenager who plays the drums, this should be factored into the design.

Different families have diverse needs when it comes to the spaces in their homes. It’s one of the reasons why building your own home is so rewarding – you can finally have a house that’s designed to suit you and your family’s lifestyle. Design & Build allows you to build a home that works for you. It is much easier to build a granny flat, office or home studio at the start rather than trying to factor in the extra space later.

Here are several things to consider when designing a house.

Your lifestyle

What features would you like so that all members of the family can do what they love? For example:

  • Do you love to entertain? Will the kitchen be big enough for two people preparing food at the same time? Is the kitchen connected to the living space, so you can enjoy the company of your guests while you cook?

  • Is there space for family-time? Can the whole family get together comfortably for movie night or board games? Or maybe you’d like a separate space for the kids to hang out while the adults are entertaining.

  • Are there particular hobbies that need to be catered for? Is there space for the smelly/messy ones – like painting, sewing, woodworking, home-brewing, model-making? Would a workshop be a must-have?

  • How much storage space do you need? Most families today have myriad items that need to be stored but also be accessible.

  • What about sports and activities? Do you need space to store the ski-gear, kayak, or bikes? Or a place for the kids to clean up after weekend sports? Maybe a combined laundry/wet room would  be just the thing.

What rooms do you need?

Some spaces may be non-negotiable, like the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, but what about the other spaces that you’ll need to be comfortable? Knowing what spaces you need in your home really comes down to thinking about your lifestyle.

Outlook and sun orientation

Situating the various rooms of the house to make the most of the sun and/or any views is important. Visit your site at different times of the day to see how the light falls and visualise where you want your rooms and outdoor spaces situated to make the most of the sun.

Indoor/outdoor flow

Do you need easy access to outdoor spaces from separate parts of the house – like an outdoor living area, children’s play area, or utility area? Do you want to be able to supervise children playing outside, through a window from inside the house? Would you like to be able to talk to people relaxing outside, while you prepare food in the kitchen?

Your possessions

Are there any pieces of favourite or heirloom furniture that need to fit in particular rooms? Will your current lounge suite fit in the living area? What about the dining table? Will you be able to get your beloved antique armoire dresser into the master bedroom on the second floor? Are the doors and passageways wide enough to fit your treasured possessions?

The future

Do you need to future-proof your home? Are you expecting your family to grow, or will you need to consider repurposing rooms as the needs of your family change? What about aging parents or work-from-home opportunities?

The look

How do you want the house to look? Do you want a contemporary look or do you prefer a villa, bungalow or Mediterranean style? The design of the roof will dramatically change the look of a home – as will the building materials.

Your budget

Of course, if money were no object – and providing you can get everyone to agree – the previous considerations would be simple to achieve. For most of us, though, there is only so much money available, and you’ll probably have to compromise on at least some of what you’d really like in your dream home.

Sometimes the secret to being happy with the result is to sort out the must-haves from the would-like-to-haves and having someone who can walk you through the process of house design. So your house has just the right spaces that will give you the freedom to live the lifestyle you love.

With more than 35 years experience in building exceptionally designed, luxuriously liveable homes, Landmark Homes has developed a seamless, easy to follow process that guides you through the project and gets you into your new house – a home that suits your lifestyle.

If you’re ready to create your dream home – a house you love living in – visit the Design and Build page on our website or contact us on 0800 477 110.