A Classic Family Home That Was Oh-so Easy to Build

Pru Hamilton adores her classic-style Landmark home in Levin. “Every time I come up the drive I think how much I love the way it looks!”

Pru Hamilton Arete Lane Home

She and husband Roy had bought their section about a year before they decided to build on it. Originally, the couple looked at all the standard building companies, but nothing really clicked.

Then Roy started browsing the Landmark website and found the stunning weatherboard ‘Ready to Build’ Karapiro plan – which they loved! It was the quality and the style that really drew them in.

“If you see a Landmark house, you know it’s a Landmark. All the other housing companies seem to do that stock standard brick build or look, but the Landmark houses are special” says Pru.

The customer service clinched the deal. “We met Landmark Manawatu’s Shane Turnbull and Monica Bright. They were really easy to talk to, listened, and actually cared about what we wanted.”

When it came to design, the couple wanted to make a few changes to the original Karapiro plan to make it their own, and to better suit their lifestyle. With a large family, they do a lot of entertaining – so they made the living area larger and added an extra bedroom and bathroom to accommodate more guests.

The process of modifying the plan was straightforward, and surprisingly fast. “The team were great at helping us. We explained our lifestyle, we told them what we needed, they came back with the plan, and pretty much nailed it first time! I think we made two small changes, and that was it. It was so quick. Considering we didn’t know what we were doing, they made it easy!”

With the design modifications complete, next came the build itself.

Although the 9-month build was struck with a problem right from the start, with the land needing an extra-deep foundation (at an unexpected expense) the Hamilton family were able to leave everything in Landmark’s hands.

“Landmark were really good and helped us through the process. They sorted everything, could explain exactly what was going on, and had the relationships in the industry for the person who could do the right type of foundation we needed.”

Then in terms of the interior design of the home, Pru had a very clear idea of what she was after – a classic style, with a lot of neutrals – but with a new-born baby, the last thing she wanted was to be overwhelmed with choices around fittings! Thankfully, the team made the entire process of choosing everything (from tiles to handles to flooring to carpet, and everything in-between) really easy.

“Monica asked me to bring in photos of pieces or styles that I like, and colours that I like. Then using that, she picked out 5 samples of everything for me to choose from. This approach was perfect and made my life so much easier. Plus, I love what we came away with!”

It wasn’t just Monica that was helpful, either – even right down to the electricals, “we physically walked through the house and talked about where to put the power outlets and the lighting. Things like that you don’t even think about at the time! But the team were really good at suggesting what to put where – it really helped us.”

Pru Hamilton Arete Lane Kitchen

Another favourite feature, beyond the classic style? The warmth!

After previously living in a character home in Levin that was, by her own admission, freezing – a big reason for the move and new build – she adores how cosy their Landmark is. With double glazing, quality insulation, a box fire in the family area, and an open fire in the lounge area, the house is deliciously warm, “I love the ambience the fires give, too.”

The couple did talk about putting in a heat pump and underfloor heating in the bathrooms, “but Landmark actually talked us out of it. They said we would be alright without, and they were absolutely right” says Pru.

Now she’s got her dream, classic style home – without braving the cold!

So, would they recommend Landmark? “We’ve definitely recommended them! In fact, we’ve already got three of our friends building with Landmark. We enjoyed the process and loved the end result.”

Pru Hamilton Arete Lane Lounge