A bespoke build and subdivision on a complex flood-prone site

It was back in 2017, after the government’s Auckland Unitary Plan passed, that the Ameye-Bevers family decided to subdivide their property on the North Shore and build a second home on their original site.


This wasn’t the first time the couple had taken on a build project – in fact, they had built four times previously with other Group Home Builders. But this project was different for a few reasons.

Firstly, it was subdivision, which they hadn’t tackled previously, so was a bit of an unknown. Secondly, this new home needed to be completely bespoke, because the site was complex – situated on a hundred-year flood plain – with constraints around what could be built, and how. And thirdly, because this was going to be their hoped-for forever home – so they were after something high-spec and timeless.

“Ultimately, we wanted to put the whole process in the hands of a company that could help with the subdivision, do the design, and the build, all at the same time,” says Alan.

That’s why they chose Landmark originally – but the decision wasn’t instant. “We still needed to do research, and make sure they were going to follow-through,” says Alan.

So, the Ameye-Bevers visited some of the Landmark showhomes around Auckland, and even a private home build project to help make a decision. The couple were impressed by what they saw. “Landmark seemed to have a higher-end product, and a bespoke service. It wasn’t cookie-cutter, which was what we needed,” reflects Alan.

Collaboration made this complicated site and subdivision successful

The entire build process from walking in the doors at Landmark for their initial meeting, to applying for council consents, to completing the build was two years.

The subdivision consents were the lengthy part of that process – taking over a year to finalise. Landmark handled most of the resource consents and the back-and-forth communication with the council (with Alan and Heather staying across things too – it was a real team effort.)

Then once that was squared away, there was pressure to get the design just right because it was their forever home – and complicated to boot. After browsing Pinterest the couple went to Landmark’s design team and Lead Designer Wendy King to brief them on what they wanted.

The energy was very open and collaborative, says Alan. “Landmark really listened to what we wanted, and they were always happy to have changes made. We were constantly tweaking the design as we went through the build process, from start to finish, to make sure we were maximising the space to its fullest potential.”

What did that look like? Picture adding in cupboards for more storage, or more windows for more sunlight, for example.

AMEYE-BEVERS outdoor area

The stunning end result

Despite the engineering challenges, the Ameye-Bevers were able to build almost exactly what they wanted in way that also worked for the council rules and regulations around their site.

And while there was some back-and-forth to get there, they are now very proud owners of a beautiful home. “Landmark was able to come up with something that made the engineers happy, and us happy,” says Heather.

With four bedrooms and three bathrooms, the Hamptons style two-level home is black, white and striking. “The colour really makes it” says Heather. With a white Dummy vent hand-crafted by Alan’s father adorning the front wall, a Cape Cod style covered porch leading up to the front door, and a landscaped front section – it stands out on its street in the best way possible.

Heading inside, the kitchen is Heather’s favourite part of the house, with its floating oak shelves and subway tiles – and Alan’s favourite is the beautiful master bathroom with its luxe walk-in rain shower reminiscent of Bali or Thailand.

The open-plan living space is perfect for this social couple to entertain. It’s light, warm and cosy – with a custom gas fire and TV installation (“lots of measuring went into that!” laughs Alan), and different zones to the living area for easy entertaining. With a retractable covering over the back porch, they can sit out in shade or sunshine – as a family, or to host friends.

Would they recommend Landmark for anyone looking to build or subdivide?

“Yes, definitely. Not necessarily for a first home build, simply because it’s such a high spec product. But if you want something custom, are building a long-term home, or have a complex site? Then yes. Absolutely. They really delivered great results for us.”

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